Great Workout Videos for Every Mood and Circumstance

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Workout videos"Workout videos are a great way to maintain fitness at home. Bad weather or shortness of time need not prevent you from keeping your body fit and healthy. Working out first thing in the morning works best for many people. And when you roll out of bed and work out at home, you don’t need to worry about what you are wearing or how your hair looks. However, some mornings it is harder to get started than other mornings.

A great idea is to assemble a variety of exercise videos to accommodate your various moods, schedules, and energy levels. You can rent videos and try them out before buying them and Netflix has many fitness videos available for streaming. If you are short on funds, you can frequently find excellent fitness videos for under $5.00 at discount stores such as T.J. Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls.

A Workout Video for Every Mood and Circumstance

Here is one collection of workout videos that has served me well. All of these are trusted favorites that I have used repeatedly with great results. I try to work out seven days a week, so I need the variety.

  • Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds: 4 Complete Workouts on One DVD. All of Leslie’s walk at home videos are excellent, but this is my default. You simply walk in place using a variety of easy steps – marching in place, side-to-side, and kicks. You can choose a one-, two-, three-, or 4-mile walk. The tw0 through 4-mile workouts include sections in which you use a resistance band to work out your upper body while you walk. You get a basic aerobic workout and also some resistance training.
  • Kathy Smith’s Peel Off the Pounds Pilates: 3 Body Slimming Routines. I pop in this DVD on morning when I feel energetic and need a vigorous workout. I do the Warm-up followed by the Fat-Burning Workout, a dance-like standing Pilates cardio workout that quickly generates heat. I especially like to do this routine on cold mornings! The video also includes two Pilates mat workouts: one for upper body and one for lower, and a terrific cool-down that involves some serious stretching. NOTE: I timed each workout and found them to be two to three minutes longer than stated on the package. For example, the package says the Fat Burning Workout is 20 minutes, but it is actually about 22 minutes long.
  • Amy Dixon’s Total Workout in Ten! I reach for this DVD when I want an even more energetic cardio workout and don’t have much time. This routine will get your blood pumping and your heart rate up in no time. The look is urban and the moves are fun but intense. The DVD also includes great 10-minute workouts for the arms, lower body, and one for flexibility and balance.
  • Barbara Benagh’s Yoga for Stress Relief. When I am in the mood for what yoga has to offer – mindfulness and those wonderful relaxing stretches – I pull out Yoga for Stress Relief. This DVD features more than 20 relatively easy yoga routines that address various stress-related health issues such as stomach and digestive problems, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and even mild depression. Barbara Benagh’s voice is pleasantly soothing and her cues are clear and slow. I especially like the 60-minute routine called Wake Up! It includes a series of sun salutations and down dogs, a series of balance and standing yoga positions, and about 25 minutes of sitting yoga stretches. This routine centers my mind and make my body feel absolutely wonderful. This routine is located in the DVD menu under the heading Beginning and Ending Your Day.
  • Denise Austin’s Power Yoga Plus. On morning when I need a good stretch but am feeling rushed and scattered, I like Power Yoga Plus. The 20-minute yoga routine is fast and flowing. It is followed by a 20-minute Pilates workout that includes a series of light dumbbell exercises for the arms, chest, and shoulders. When very pressed for time, I do one workout or the other.
  • Lara Hudson’s 10-Minute Solutions Pilates. Sometimes I want a quick way to stretch and work my core muscles. In this DVD, Lara Hudson leads you through five Pilates workouts, each of which is exactly 10 minutes long. Often, I do the first three routines for a 30-minute exercise session: Pilates for Abs, Pilates for Buns and Thighs, and Sculpting Pilates, an intense series of arm and upper body exercises using light weights. The DVD also includes Pilates Burn and Pilates for Flexibility. All five workouts are excellent and a great way to make sure you exercise every part of your body.
  • Minna Lessig’s 1-Minute Workout: Total Body Toning. Occasionally, I wake up distracted by thoughts of a busy day to come and am not sure I have the patience to work out. On mornings like this, Minna Lessig’s 1-Minute Workout comes to the rescue. This fun system will accommodate even the shortest attention span. It contains more than 115 exercises, each approximately one minute long. You can choose your workout type (abs, upper boy, lower body, or total body) and the number of minutes you want to work out. The DVD assembles a series of circuit-training exercises based on your choices. Your workout will be different each time you play the DVD. Many of the exercises use dumbbells, so this is a an easy way to get in your resistance training.

Cure for home workout boredom

The instructors in all of these videos have pleasant voices and give excellent cues. But let’s face it. After you’ve exercised to a video three or four times, it gets boring to hear the same words over and over again. Don’t let the repetition factor be an obstacle to getting that workout in! Here’s a tip: Turn down the sound and listen to your own music or even an audio book. You’ll be amazed how much you look forward to your workout when it coincides with hearing a good story!